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Report From a Topic Group on Reclaiming Power

Our key successes in RC in reclaiming power include people reclaiming their ability to think.

Within the collapsing society, we may need to set up a system that calls for everyone's thinking on any particular topic in order to solve a problem.

A challenge to be faced is the need for all of us to learn how to put forward controversial ideas and win support for them from others.

We don't yet know what thinking we will be able to do when we are out from under the influence of the current oppressive, collapsing society. An important model of getting the thinking of all members of a group has been Harvey as he leads leaders.

The transformation of society really means the transformation of relationships, and that is something we understand very well in RC.

Integrity is clearly an important element of reclaiming power.

We ended with a question: "What will it take for us to discharge the notion that another person has the power, instead of realizing that we are the people to take power now"?

World Conference of the RC Communities,
Aptos, California, USA,
November, 1993


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