I Won!

You wrote and said you were sorry you could not be more support during these almost three years of brain surgeries. I'm here to say you were tremendous support during those surgeries. Harvey, I take what you taught me (personally, and through a huge Community of Co-Counselors) and use it every place I exist. The firm belief that I can have things the way they should be, is something I attribute to hours, months, and years of loving, pushing, and discharging -- something I call RC. The constant search for the right thing to do in any given situation is something that confuses a lot of people. My doctors were very scared -- so I coached them and validated them because in the third and fourth surgeries I was asking a neuro-surgeon to do something he didn't want to do. Harvey, I was great! You would have loved to watch the process.

I kept a very solid support group in close. I took the tools you gave me and worked them very hard. I say "you" because I have glimpsed the sheer quantity of energy you have put into the development and dissemination of RC theory and practice. Also, to be quite honest, I use your very malleable face to provide the look I need to see. (At workshops I have seen you look every way I need to see you look to bring discharge in any mirror any time.)

I WON! And I wanted to be sure you knew that. I spoke to an arts manager last week who wants me to write the book -- YES! I am then going to book a VICTORY TOUR. People are asking for full-length recitals and talks about the brain so I am in the process of buying a great violin, will be studying at Eastman with my teacher in February and April, and performing this huge recital there first.

I will call you to speak to you about the book. Plan to Win, Rely on Thoughts, Not Feelings hits me as a title because feelings were always such an obviously bad indicator of reality in my life. I suffered a reign of terror that was the direct result of a damaged amygdala and had no idea that I could do so little about it. That is, without help, and the fact that help can be found is important for people to remember -- or to hear for the first time -- whatever the case may be.

The book will be great because I refused to retreat into isolation. I stayed on the front lines so the subplots are hilarious. (Actually, they will be frightening to lots of people, but I laugh a lot lately.) I love you.

Marty Curtis
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

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