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From the Editor - Present Time No. 94 (Vol. 26 No. 1)

Welcome to the January 1994 issue of Present Time. We have squeezed it to 112 pages, but this is because of the pressure of work, not because there is not more than enough excellent material awaiting publication.

I think you will be delighted, as all of us were, with Perry Saidman's clear thinking about competition. Would you like to see this article issued as a pamphlet?

There a dozens of fascinating articles and letters. You wil notice the increased writing aobut combatting the oppression of the "mental health" system and the increased attention to the detail of young people's liberation. There are many stories of great personal triumphs in re-emergence.

This time, rather than printing the entire text of The Guidelines, we have decided to print only the parts that were changed or added at the World Conference. a new edition of the complete Guidelines is available now from Rational Island for $2.00(U.S). I found the long-range goals and the policy for the next four years particularly inspiring.

My appeal in the last issue for help with the circulation of Present Time has been responded to. Several pepole actually sent in four new subscriptions as I had requested. I renew my appeal to all our readers. If you haven't already done it, please send me at least four (4) new subscriptions to Present Time before the April issue is prepared. We can't afford a promotion staff to boost our circulation. We have only each other to rely on. Many thousands of people would be delighted to receive our wonderful journal and need only your giving them a subscription blank to sign up.

We need your workshop announcements, and list changes, for the April issue by March 10th. Articles, poems, and drawings need to reach us by mid-February.

Ann Steele
719 Second Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98109, USA

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