RC’s Commitment to LGBTQ+ Liberation

Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) has always taken a strong stance against every form of oppression, including the oppression of LGBTQ+ people. From its earliest years, RC has supported workshops, classes, support groups, and publications that highlight the significance of LGBTQ+ people and how important it is for everyone to combat and undo the oppression of LGBTQ+ people.

We have also done much work with people on their sexual experiences from early in their lives—everything from thoughtless diapering to horrendous experiences of abuse. What became clear from this work was that almost everyone has been badly hurt around their bodies, their sexuality, and closeness and relationships. It is also clear that this happened long before they were able or ready to make their own choices about sexuality and closeness.

Early on in our history as a community, there was pressure to declare that homosexuality, in particular, was “rational.” In RC, rational means completely free from the effects of hurtful experiences. It was clear from our experience that no one’s sexuality was completely free from the effects of hurtful experiences. That was the reason why Harvey, as our International Reference Person in that period, pushed back against homosexuality (or any other form of sexuality) being declared rational.

Our current position is to encourage, as we have for decades, everyone to work on everything they remember that’s related in any way to sex and sexuality. We believe that everyone has the right to make decisions for themselves about sex, sexuality, gender, relationships, and closeness, and everything connected with them. At the same time, many hard things have happened to people in these areas. LGBTQ+ oppression alone is vicious, particularly toward young people, and pushes everyone to “fit” into society’s rigid and stereotyped gender-based behaviors and roles. We want people truly able to think freshly about these issues and decide what makes sense for them.

Harvey always taught that we should start by respecting every person, as they are, today, and that we should stand up against every form of oppression. Beyond that, we believe that everyone needs room and safety to tell their stories and to think for themselves.

Tim Jackins
Seattle, Washington, USA

Last modified: 2022-12-25 10:17:04+00