Sustaining All Life T-shirts and Tank Tops

from various COPs [United Nations conferences on climate change]

The t-shirt shown above has “COP26 Glasgow 2021” on the front and the following message on the back:

“Countries that have done the least to create the climate crisis suffer the worst damage.”

We also have a few t-shirts from other COPs that have been renewed by adding the above message to the back.

You can see what’s available, in what sizes, by going to .

$25 (U.S.) plus postage and handling
To order, see page 111 or go to .

A Sustaining All Life Hankie

To raise money for Sustaining All Life,* we are selling this beautiful handkerchief. It measures 14 inches by 14 inches (35.5 centimeters by 35.5 centimeters) and is printed on natural-color cotton fabric. It has the Sustaining All Life logo in one corner, so that it will be prominent when the hankie is folded into quarters.

$5, plus postage and handling
(no quantity discounts)

Order from Rational Island Publishers

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