Standing Against Hatred

The stand taken by both the peoples of New Zealand and some individuals in the government of New Zealand against the racist violence acted out in Christchurch is important. It is a strong example of the widespread opposition to the irrational and dangerous behavior showing itself in this period of time.

All of us are capable of openly and publicly joining this opposition. Such open opposition is important in changing the tone of our societies from one of confusion, isolation, and fear to one of united, principled, and determined action against the irrationalities.

As our societies continue to use the oppression of groups of people to prolong the societies’ existence, it is important that those of us who know how to face and discharge our fears and confusions do so, and then take open stands against the irrationalities. Our taking these stands provides perspective and reassurance to other people. It supports them to think and act in spite of the fears and confusions they carry from living in oppressive and exploitative societies.

We can talk to those around us about the issues and listen long enough that they do not have to stay confused by restimulations. We can join public displays of opposition to the irrational acts and the aspects of our societies that encourage them.

We can discharge in those places where we are most restimulated by events like this recent one and then use our regained intelligence and courage to unite with others and begin learning how to construct a better society.

Tim Jackins

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