A New Information Coordinator for Farmers

I’m the new Information Coordinator for Farmers in RC.

We don’t hear enough from farmers. Besides our importance in growing food and caring for the land, we have an important role to play as communicators. We are an intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful group of people. But we tend not to offer our thoughts until they’re asked for.

So I’m asking you who are farmers, please write to the RC e-mail discussion lists you are on. Write to Present Time. Call topic tables at workshops. Write about your experiences leading, inside and outside of RC. Write about your work. And send what you write to me to compile for our RC farmers’ newsletter.

The work we do as farmers—solving problems all day; partnering with nature; working hard physically outside; building soil; nurturing plants and animals; observing water, weather, and wildlife—gives us a unique perspective we need to share.

Part of that perspective comes from having a first-hand understanding of biology. We respect life forms (insects, fungi, other microbes) that go largely unnoticed by many people. The way we probe the organization of nature helps us to understand human social structures—and problems.

What do you think? Your voice needs to be heard—now more than ever!

Kate Potter

Fullerton, California, USA


Tel. +1-309-338-7876

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