My Young People’s Class

This year I organised, assisted in, and co-led an RC fundamentals class for young people. It was led by my Regional Reference Person, Fredrik Eklöf. The class was in the town where I study, so it was easy for me to drop by [attend] right after school. 

Organising meant figuring out when the class would be, how long it would be, where it would be, and who would be in it. We ended up meeting almost every Tuesday between March and June (2018), from 16:00 to 18:00, in a room on the upper floor of a small youth center. I also got to go on my first “wide world mission”—setting up a meeting and talking with the manager of the center (she was quite enthusiastic about the initiative).

Talking to my friends about RC and inviting them to the class was hard. It took me two weeks of “chickening out” [quitting, due to fear] and counseling about it before I managed to actually mention the class to anyone. 

The effort paid off [had good results]. We ended up introducing eleven young people to RC! Two young people with previous Co-Counseling experience also joined the class. And later my mom and visiting aunt joined and turned out to be [were] a great additional resource. The class will continue this fall. 

I’m excited about this project! It has been a challenging experience yet interesting and fun! If you are young and thinking about teaching (or have taught) RC to friends, write to me about it!

Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia

Höör, Sweden


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