The Complete Appreciation of Oneself

I am doing sessions once a month on the RC literature. Today I recalled some early memories about reading. Then I remembered that Dottie Curry, a former International Liberation Reference Person for Elders, loved the RC literature and used it extensively. As soon as she discovered RC, she read all the books written by Harvey Jackins, from cover to cover [from beginning to end]. She wanted to know and understand the work of RC.

I have been bringing the small RC pamphlet The Complete Appreciation of Oneself to work every day but have not found the time to read it. Yesterday was a hard day for me at my workplace. The number of workers has been cut and we are being ordered to do two jobs at the same time. I went to the employees’ break room and sat down to eat a snack [a light meal] and read the daily news. Why did I not remember to read the pamphlet instead of reading the so-called “news”?

In another session today I discharged about my bad day at work and then focused on the pamphlet—which gives clear instructions on how to appreciate oneself, inside and outside of sessions. I recalled Muhammad Ali, the great boxer. He proudly and publicly appreciated himself. I think one of the reasons he was so well loved was that millions of people thought, “He is speaking for me.” He celebrated the genius and wonder of what it is to be human.

He loved composing and reciting rhymes, often about himself. In one television interview he said, “This short poem tells how it feels to be as great as me: ‘Me . . . Whee!’” [Whee is a word used to express delight or exuberance.]

Steve Brown

Colorado, USA

Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
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