It was a scary time
We knew human intelligence could come through
We didn’t know if we could think fast enough
But we knew how to try.

It was hard work
We engaged everyone
We drained those early defeats
No one gave up.

It was unknown territory
We tried new things
We didn’t leave anyone out
We made a lot of messes.

It was no time for timidity
We were bold
We pushed, we shouted, we demanded
We got their attention.

It was getting late
We shook and sweated
We cried at our losses
We started afresh.

Then everything changed.

It wasn’t just us
Millions pushed, millions shouted, millions demanded
The People were roused
Resistance was futile.

No to fossil fuels.
No to clearing forests.
Yes to life.
Yes to people on Earth.

Diane Shisk

Seattle, Washington, USA


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