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Climate Change & Climate Science
Diane Shisk &
Janet Kabue
January 20 & 21

An Introduction to “Extinction Rebellion”

“Extinction Rebellion” is a new climate justice movement. It is a call to action against climate change and in its short existence has already spread to more than forty countries. I joined the movement about a month ago, and last week I led an introductory meeting.

About forty people of different ages came, and most of them didn’t know much about the movement. My assistant (someone I hadn’t known beforehand) did a short slide presentation, and I did the rest.

I started with a go-around—with names and why people had come. Then we split into small groups. Next I talked about the movement and answered questions, by thinking out loud about them.

Almost everyone signed up to be part of the movement!

I finished the two-hour-long meeting with a round of what was good, hopeful, or something that people were looking forward to. I got a lot of appreciations. People were excited, relieved, and hopeful. A woman said that I had cured a lot of her climate change anxiety.

Being an RCer has done so much for me when it comes to thinking big, believing in myself, daring to take on [undertake] challenges, being a model of hopefulness, staying relaxed and thinking flexibly about spontaneously-brought-up issues, keeping perspective, and seeing the good in people—among other things. Doing this was fun and empowering. I’m excited!

Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia

Höör, Sweden


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