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Reclaiming Our Intelligence
Marilyn Robb

November 11 & 12

Knowing our

December 2 & 3

The Ills of Classism, and Undoing the Damage

In England there is a song “Money Makes the World Go ‘Round.”

We live in a world in which there are nuclear weapons, oceans of plastic, magnificent species endangered, unpredictable storms and floods, and ongoing wars. All this is because the world’s wealth is funneled into the hands of the very few, and the gap between poor and rich widens all the time. 

Yet we know that humans are loving and intelligent and cooperative. 

What has happened to the people who hoard the wealth, remain indifferent to or ignorant of where it comes from, and are only interested in accumulating more?

What has happened to those who deliberately construct a pipeline through Native land, who order poisonous waste to be dumped near human habitation regardless of the known effects, who knowingly send damaged medical goods to Third World countries?

They have been conditioned as young people into fulfilling the role of the owning class and controlling the world’s wealth. Their conditioning has required misinformation, withholding of truths, distortion of values, disconnection from human closeness, and the calculated installation of fear.

Resistance to classism is building. Accurate information is spreading. People are becoming aware of the ills of capitalism and moving to halt it. 

In response, the owning class is speeding to protect its wealth, and right-wing [reactionary] governments are spreading.

In our RC Ending Classism Workshops we strive for unity and work to undo the damage that classism, in all its forms, has perpetrated.

We need to reach for each other outside our own class. This includes reaching for our oppressors.

Jo Saunders

International Liberation Reference
Person for Owning-Class People

Winchester, Hants, England


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