Eliminate Every Form of Humans Harming Humans

One of our frontier commitments . . . is “From now on I will inspire, lead, and organize all people to eliminate every form of humans harming humans.” This is a fundamental uniting principle. Our ethicists in RC say that it’s enormously important. . . . They say all the problems we’re trying to solve between people always involve the question of how much shall we hurt someone here in order to keep from hurting someone there. Eliminate every form of humans harming humans.

I think [peace activists] should sell [their] programs, should win hundreds of thousands of supporters to them and make them become an active part of other people’s programs, simply on the basis of how they affect the needs of other people. We want the end of spending money on armaments so that it can be spent on food. We want the ending of financing of armaments so that we clean up our pollution of the sea. . . . The end of armament and war preparation is necessary in order to carry out these people’s programs. These appeals can reach everybody on earth . . .

. . . The peace activists’ job is to see that all the people’s organizations act for peace, including new ones that they will have to organize because there aren’t yet any of the right kind available. . . .

These . . . organizations, the existing ones and the ones we will help build, will be speaking out on the issues of peace. As long as the peace movement has been the peace movement, by itself, it’s had a lot of influence. But this is just a speck of influence compared to what it will have when each program is being endorsed by trade unions and political parties and PTAs [Parent Teacher Associations] and bankers’ associations. There isn’t any organization whose members’ real needs will not be enhanced by the achievement of the peace program. People are open to hearing this.

Harvey Jackins

From pages 113 to 115 of “A Favorable Situation
for Reaching Out,” in Start Over Every Morning


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