[From skit done for the staff of Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources.]

“Channeling” Harvey on Climate Change

I was having one of my many big sessions about climate change, and I started yelling at Harvey Jackins. I was crying and shouting, “Why did you die before helping us with this giant problem!!!???” And after a lot of yelling and crying, Harvey appeared. He asked me what the problem was (he’s been resting) and promised to get back to me with thoughts.

The next day a folder of new books appeared in my inbox, and these are the titles. (You can expect a new Teacher Packet very soon.)

 The Human Side of Climate Change
             The Climate Situation
      The Reclaiming of the Climate
             The Benign Climate
         Climate Liberation I and II
              A Warmer World
 The Enjoyment of Climate Leadership
         The Kind, Friendly Climate
       Rough Notes from the COPs

Diane Shisk

Seattle, Washington, USA

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