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Standing against Anti-Semitism

I sent the following e-mail to almost twelve thousand neighbors, via a Nextdoor app, and then an adapted version to hundreds of co-workers via an e-mail list at the company where I work. I used the subject line “Standing against anti-Semitism.”

Emily Cunningham

Seattle, Washington, USA

Calling fellow Gentiles to come together to stand against anti-Semitism. This Sunday, Nov 4th | 4pm | Location TBD [to be determined]. Message me if interested! Even if you can’t make this time [can’t attend at this time].

Dear neighbors,

I have been heartbroken and devastated by the murders of Jews for being Jews in Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania, USA]. I went to the vigil at Temple De Hirsch Sinai last night on Capitol Hill [in Seattle, Washington, USA]. It was healing and hopeful to be there with thousands of Jews and non-Jews standing together against anti-Semitism.

But decisive action is also needed. Now. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. 2017 saw a 57% increase in anti-Semitic incidents, “the largest single-year increase on record and the second highest number since the Anti-Defamation League started tracking such data in 1979.” Though we may feel scared, confused, unsure, this is not the time to stay silent. This is not the time to stand by. Ending anti-Semitism is important in its own right. It’s also intimately connected to our fight to end racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other oppressions.

This era of hatred and targeting can have us feeling overwhelmed. Powerless. Unsure of what to do. But we are NOT powerless. We CAN make an important and decisive difference. And we can do so much TOGETHER.

Those of us who are not Jews have an important role to play in standing up to and ending anti-Semitism. Allies are needed. You are needed.

I’m hosting a time for Gentiles to come together to this end. We’ll take time to listen to one another and grieve this recent senseless tragedy and then think together about actions we can take. I hope this will be a jumping off place for a much bigger, more visible movement of allies committed to standing up and ending anti-Semitism.

To my Jewish neighbors: You are dear, you are precious, you are wanted. You are not alone. I stand with you as do others all over this country and world.

Much love,


Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
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