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November 11 & 12

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December 2 & 3

The Moment to Stand with All Humans

Dear South, Central, and West Asian leaders,

This weekend we witnessed the killing of Jews in a U.S. synagogue. Anti-Semitism continues to confuse people and set them up [predispose them] to commit horrific acts against Jews.

As capitalism collapses, working-class white Gentiles are being made to see Jews, immigrants, Muslims, women, disabled people, and LGBQT people as the root cause of poverty. They feel victimized, and justified in attacking marginalized groups.

This is exactly the moment to stand with all humans—to oppose all oppression, all violence, all attacks on all groups. Attacks on our Jewish brothers and sisters are attacks on all of us.

If you are a South, Central, or West Asian person who is not Jewish, please take the time to discharge on anything that gets in your way of standing unconditionally with the Jews you know and those in your wider community.

If you are a South, Central, or West Asian Jew, please connect with other Jews. Don’t try to endure the feelings on your own [by yourself].

Anti-Semitism had a start date, and it will have an end date.

Azi Khalili

International Liberation Reference Person for
South, Central, and West Asian-Heritage People

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders
of South, Central, and West Asian-Heritage People

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