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Let’s See What We Can Do Now

The killings in the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, show the continued emergence of irrational, destructive behavior caused by the hurts and oppressions of our societies.

As our societies fail more fully and openly, this behavior is going to continue, and the distresses behind it will be manipulated by the distresses of others who are trying to mislead and gain power. All this will lead to the more open enactment of anti-Semitism, racism, and other oppressions.

This is not a time to stay quiet.

This is a perfect time for each of us to figure out our next step in acting more powerfully to move our societies and the people we care about in directions that are good for everyone and against the targeting of any group as the source of our societies’ difficulties.

We each know enough to take another step now. We know to talk about the reality of today and what people are all capable of. We know to listen when what we say contradicts people’s distresses enough that they can use our attention to begin discharging what has held them in confusion about reality. We know enough to resist the pull of our own restimulations, to continue to listen, to hold out a good perspective on reality, and to not forget people who cannot yet move against their distresses.

We can talk about anti-Semitism and how it works to divide people and movements, using the current instances as examples. If you have not read the pamphlet Anti-Semitism: Why Is It Everyone’s Concern? [available from Rational Island Publishers] do it now.

We know to have sessions and discharge the distresses that can make these things seem too difficult to try, and we know that none of these things need to be done alone.

Let’s see what we can do now.

With love, appreciation,
encouragement, and hope,

Tim Jackins

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion
list for leaders of wide world change

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