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Organizing as a Mom

I’m a new mom. My daughter is two months old. I’m proud of how I have rallied support for our family.

I discharged a lot before and during the pregnancy on asking for help and accepting it even if it was not perfect. This included working on early disappointment and a pattern of “giving up” on people.

Before my daughter was born, I asked friends and family what role they’d like to play in her and our lives. I listened to them think about how involved they’d like to be and in what ways. I showed how much I wanted and needed them in close. And they have showed up [been present] for us—making meals, coming by to help and spend time, sending food, visiting from far away. It’s been a huge contradiction [to distress] for me.

The more I’ve asked, the better I’ve gotten at reaching out. Many friends have thanked me for being so clear about what I need and for inviting them in to this special time. I am closer than ever to many people and am also making new parent friends. It’s a contradiction to everyone involved to get to be close to one another and be close to this new human and help welcome her into the world.

A team of Co-Counselors has given my daughter and me one-way discharge time. I’m giving my daughter lots of sessions and showing people how to listen to an infant. It’s going well.

Sarah Leddy

Los Angeles, California, USA

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