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November 11 & 12

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December 2 & 3

The Seed Has Germinated!

Last July I attended a wonderful women’s liberation workshop led by Diane Balser (the RC International Liberation Reference Person for Women) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The workshop began with a recollection of the 1985 Third World Women’s Conference held at Kenyatta International Conference Center, in Nairobi. It was there, during a No Limits for Women Project, that Diane Balser and Barbara Love (the RC International Liberation Reference Person for African Heritage People) first met Wanjiku Kironyo—now the Regional Reference Person for Northern Africa and East Africa. The seed they planted has germinated! Represented at the workshop were Communities in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Kenya.

Congratulations to you, our beloved leaders. Keep up the good work of spreading RC all over the world!

Jane Lucy Wambui Gachihi

Nairobi, Kenya

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