Communicating to RCers about Care of the Environment

As a longtime white USer environmentalist, I am aware that for many people care of the environment does not seem like their battle. Care-of-the-environment events in our RC Community are still not well attended.

I wrote the following to my Community, and I’m sharing it here in case it is useful to anyone else.

(Note: some of us in the Community were part of or assisted the Sustaining All Life delegation to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, California, USA, in September.)

Michael Levy

Area Reference Person for the Santa Cruz, California, USA, RC Community

Santa Cruz, California, USA

Hello all,

Care of the environment is now a major focus of the RC Communities. Yet many of us still find it hard or a bit irrelevant to focus on it. That is partly because for many years “environmentalism” has looked like privileged white people trying to protect the parts of nature they like and telling people that they should be better about recycling or are wrong for driving.

Fortunately, environmental activism in the world is moving far beyond that. The climate movement in particular includes many working-class, poor, and Global Majority people and recognizes that the destruction of our climate is a social justice issue. Poor people are hurt first and worst by climate change and many other environmental problems.

Here is a video, less than two minutes long, that gives a good picture of the climate movement and what will be happening in San Francisco on September 8:

I encourage everyone to have sessions on joining the Sustaining All Life delegation in the march on September 8. And you can learn and discharge more about it at our local gather-in on Sustaining All Life, on Wednesday, August 1.

With love,


Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders in the care of the environment

(Present Time 193, October 2018)

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