“Hey, Young Adults!”

Hey, young adults!

I attended M—’s workshop for young adults [see previous article]. It was a good contradiction to isolation to see that many young adult RCers live close to me, even if we are not in the same Region.

I enjoyed the time M— allowed for hanging out [spending relaxed, unstructured time] and playing. It is hugely important for us young adults to figure out how to be with each other during unstructured time. I enjoyed the struggle of trying to connect with others and reach for our humanness together. Having a chance to be playful reminded me of the humanness I am trying to keep as I get older.

I was asked to lead the group of men, and being with them was one of my highlights. We were able to show that we cared about each other and to support one another’s discharge as we worked on our white male oppressor material [distress]. We also made up [created] some pretty [quite] great songs.

My favorite part of the workshop was how M— led it in a way that was her own. When she presented RC theory, she was truly presenting her own thinking. It was a big contradiction [to distress] for me to see my friend leading powerfully and confidently as herself.

Taylor Warinsky

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders of young adults

(Present Time 193, October 2018)

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