What We Know about Human Beings

The nature of reality is beautiful. We know by now “with complete confidence” (I’ll use that phrase instead of “scientifically-proven” because that is so cluttered with patterns that one can’t tell [perceive] what it means) . . . that human beings are good; that they do no evil, destructive deeds except in the grip of distress patterns that were put on them from outside.

We know by now, from glimpses and from logic, that human beings are powerful; that each human being has full power to remake the whole “sorry scheme of things entire,” because other humans will come to that one’s support the minute that one makes the correct, powerful move.

We know by now that human beings are intelligent, that the brightest intelligences that we have seen operate were only samplings of the intelligence that each one of us and each other human possesses, were only holes poked in the grey blanket covering individuals.

We know by now that humans are cooperative, that the competition and the conflict are all imposed patterns. We know this is true of us.

Harvey Jackins

From pages 11 to 12 of “The Totally Benign Reality,” in The Benign Reality

(Present Time 193, October 2018)

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