My Pregnancy and Delivery

It’s been an amazing experience to be pregnant and give birth to a baby.

Pregnancy gave me an opportunity to pay attention to my body, which I could never do before. Discharging helped me trust my body and feel proud of it. I enjoyed the changes it was going through. What a wonderful thing a female body is! It’s so powerful in how it accommodates the many changes to develop a new life in the womb.

Trusting that the baby in the womb was a complete human and respecting it was possible only because of Co-Counselling sessions. Developing a connection with the baby and deciding to be its ally was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I enjoyed my husband’s and my talking to the baby in the womb every day.

I chose to trust my own thinking more than the doctors’. I trusted that my placenta could provide my baby with the necessary nourishment and didn’t take medicines prescribed by doctors (which could have had side effects). I initially had placenta previa [a placenta that covers the cervix], but it became normal. I chose to be active throughout the pregnancy and did all of my routine work up until the day before the delivery.

My friends made predictions about the sex of the baby, but I kept myself open to either sex. I worked to keep myself free from the pressure to have a male baby.

I developed a stronger connection with the females around me. It’s been lovely and safe to have my own support system.

People said that delivery was the second birth of a woman. It was associated with fear of pain and helplessness. But I decided to have an empowered delivery and chose to be optimistic about it. I worked on it and was in charge of the process. I was confident that it would go well, and it did.

I went to the labour ward with a smile and courage and returned after delivery with a smile and pride. I felt the meaning of bliss when the nurse held the baby’s cheek to mine.

I gave birth to a baby, and she gave birth to a mother. What mutual connection and cooperation! The baby disconnected from my womb so that she could develop connection with the entire universe. The most pleasant feeling in my life is feeding the baby.

I am moving ahead with this journey of motherhood, looking forward to a great time with my baby and me.

S.J. Shashikala (Shashi)

Bangalore, India

(Present Time 193, October 2018)

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