Two Important Pamphlets!

Understanding and Healing the Effects of Internalized Racism: Strategies for Black Liberation

a pamphlet by Barbara Love

This pamphlet focuses on the effects of internalized racism on the lives of African Heritage people in the United States, with applications to the people of African and the African diaspora." (from page 2)

Internalized Racism: Learning and Enacting the Ideas of White Superiority—2
Ideas of White Superiority in the United States—3
Re-evaluation Counseling Theory and Healing the Damage of Internalized Racism—5
The Damage of Internalized Racism—6
Sense of Identity—6
Victim Identity—9
Self Image—12
Loss of Self Knowledge—12
Imitation of White People and Emulation of Whiteness—15
Wanting to Be Like White People/Wanting to Be White—16
Standards of Beauty—17
Beliefs about Our Intelligence—18
Black Culture—20
Violence and the Threat of Violence in Black Communities—22
Domestic Abuse and Violence in Family Relationships—23
Verbal Violence and Playing the Dozens—24
Behavior Patterns of Self Destruction—25
Drug Use and Abuse—25
Healing Internalized Racism—26A
Table with Two Legs—27
Re-evaluation Counseling and the Process of Healing—27
Guidelines for Counselors Working with African Heritage People—29
Chronic Hurts among African Heritage People—31
Healing Strategies for African Heritage People—33
Telling the Story of Your People—35
Focusing on Early Memories about Race—36
Discharging Early Hurts—37
Sharing the Theory and Tools of Re-evaluation Counseling with African Heritage People—37

Ending Class Oppression: A Draft Liberation Policy for Middle-Class People

a pamphlet by Seán Ruth and Caroline New

"As we shall see, the only liberation that makes sense for middle-class people requires the ending of class oppression itself."

How the Class System Operates—1
Dividing the Working Class—2
Anti-Jewish Oppression—5
Creating a Middle Class—5
Who Are the Middle Class?—6
Five Mechanisms of Middle-Class Oppression—7
Denial of Reality—10
The Oppressed Aspect of Our Role—10
The Oppressor Aspect of Our Role—11
Role Expectations—11
Alternatives to these Roles—13
The Oppressive Impact of Middle-Class Roles—14
The Challenge—15
Three Aspects of the Work—17
Implications for Our Roles—18

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