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Moving Forward from the World Conference
led by Tim Jackins
February 5

Threats from Nuclear Weapons
led by Julian Weissglass
February 11

Unified Goal on the Climate
led by Diane Shisk
& Janet Kabue
March 4 or 5

It’s Healthy and Human to Be Creative

I am so grateful for the Creativity Gather-in that Sue Pedley led and Grey Williams organised in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia).

Before it, I had jotted down all the qualities I liked most about myself: creativity, adventurousness, energy, inventiveness, imagination, curiosity, enthusiasm, a sense of humor, inquisitiveness, wanting to be engaged and connected. And guess what? They were all the qualities that were squashed when I was a child! Where did all that energy go? Into digestive problems; lack of confidence; grief; depression; anxiety; and, in later life, chronic gut problems, pain, and fatigue. Is it any wonder?

Creating art—in some form, be it decorating our environment, making gifts, or cooking—defines us as humans. So if we don’t do it, do we become ill?

Capitalism has prostituted and hijacked art. It has created the lie that art is only good or worth doing if it’s a saleable commodity. It has told us that making it has to be a lonely activity in a garret. But let’s not be confused. Making art can be (as it was for millennia) social, and it’s never too late to start. Artists’ liberation is for everyone, because it’s healthy and human to be creative.

Joanne Strauss

Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia

(Present Time 191, April 2018)

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