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September 17-23

Building a New Community in Italy

The latest phase of building a new RC Community in Italy (mostly in the north) has been going on [happening] for ten years now, led by Emmy Rainwalker, a USer of Italian heritage.

Emmy has been leading workshops at least once a year as well as referencing the Community. We now have an accredited Italian teacher, Gianna Beltrame, who leads the small Community in Vicenza and also uses naturalised RC in her work with parents. She joins June McKay, who has been teaching RC in Italy for over thirty years. There is a core group around the two teachers, and people further away connect via two regular Skype classes.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to most of the workshops as an ally and to counsel with some of the people involved between times. I’ve learnt so much from Emmy, Gianna, and June and from listening to Italians speaking from the heart. One thing I have learnt is that the culture and history of a country will have a strong effect on Community building. In Italy the idea of discharge is easily accepted. There is an everyday word for it: sfogare. The warmth of RC and the close connections we build are welcomed. But Italian history can make some other aspects of RC harder to accept—for example, leadership, especially from outside. We outsiders have to work on our national oppressor distress, and Italians find it useful to discharge on their experience of being invaded, on fascism, and on the Church.

Fifteen of us were at the workshop this time. Gianna once again was the organiser. On Friday night and Saturday morning Emmy gave an overview of the fundamentals of RC. She has a wonderful way of using stories to make theory alive. The attention in the room was impressive. Everything was translated to and from English and Italian.

On Sunday morning June and I led a session on climate change. There was deep discharge. Emmy talked about the Community. At its best, she said, it is like a good family in which everyone shares in the work. We discussed the details of how to continue having sessions and communicate over big distances.

People want to go on, and since the workshop there have been several excellent contacts, sessions, and classes.

Caroline New

Bristol, England

Reprinted from the e-mail discussion list for RC Community members

(Present Time 190, January 2018)

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