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September 17-23

Our Clarity Is Showing

The 2017 World Conference was special in a lot of ways.

Many of the leaders of the groups for discussing the Guidelines and goals were leading them for the first time. I appreciate how much thought was given to including leaders from around the world. It was evidence of the work white RCers have done on racism.

Young people and young adults are becoming more and more central. This makes me hopeful that one day we will function from the same “stage”—that the age barriers will not be there. As Barbara Love [the International Liberation Reference Person for African Heritage People] says, there is room for everybody in the center; nobody needs to be marginalised.

At the 2013 World Conference we addressed pornography. I was impressed and felt proud to belong to our organisation. At this World Conference we discussed prostitution and the trade of humans, in particular the trade of women and young girls. So many aspects of this issue came up, and the leaders handled them very sensitively.

Focusing with force and commitment on the goal on the environment surely was the highlight.

At World Conferences I experience how we RCers, with discharge and re-emergence, can think ahead of the times. Our increasing clarity is showing. We are getting ready to handle wide-world issues. We can bring them to the forefront and bring change in the world.

Special hats off [special congratulations] to Tim Jackins for leading this complex gathering so elegantly!

Niti Dandekar

Pune, India

(Present Time 190, January 2018)

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