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Being the Wonderful You that You Already Are

Here’s something I said to my RC class:

What if you just are?

Consider that you’re just regular. Not significant or insignificant. Sometimes to take a stand against distress we take a position opposite from how we feel, such as noticing we’re significant, or smart, or wanted. That’s good. That’s great. That can be very useful. It can also sometimes feel like slogging through a sea of mud. What if we lift that burden? Take a break from the pushing and pulling? See that we’re just right, fine, regular human beings?

To just be the wonderful you that you already are! In this class you’re welcome to do just that. To be here, just as you are. Just be. It might feel like a vacation—or a bit weird, even uncomfortable. Try it out.

This doesn’t stop us from having big lives and being the best human beings we can be. It may even make it easier—relaxedly knowing that we are naturally good, connected, loved, smart. A person of substance.

It’s good to reach for things, to have a big vision. We also get to notice the places we are pushing, striving, trying to prove ourselves. What if there’s nothing to prove? Consider that the proving could be a result of our early distress—an attempt to tell [perceive] that we’re loved, wanted, valued.

Each of us is precious just the way we are. As Tim [Jackins] says, we get to give up feeling bad about ourselves.

We get to be. We get to naturally reach our full potential. And move things—in this case, our distress—out of our way so we can do just that.

To just be the wonderful you that you already are!

Robert Vichnis

New York, New York, USA

(Present Time 190, January 2018)

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