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Black Re-emergence No. 13

Don’t miss the latest issue! Read how RC Black liberation is growing and moving forward—in depth, breadth, leadership, and influence.

$4.00, plus postage and handling


The Digital Edition of Present Time

Rational Island Publishers is now offering subscriptions 
to an electronic version of Present Time.

Subscriptions include access to two versions of digital content: 
1) a downloadable PDF version, and 
2) the online (RC website) version.

Also included is access on the RC website to the last four years of Present Time.

The cost for a digital subscription is $20 USD per year($10 per 
year if purchased in addition to a print subscription).

For more information, go to 
<> on the RC website

Recovery and Re-emergence No. 7

Recovery and Re-emergence No. 7 documents the successful building of a movement for “mental health” liberation in Re-evaluation Counseling. We learn

  • how “mental health” oppression is intertwined with the experiences of People of the Global Majority, Jews, Native people, women, and LGBQT people;
  • how Co-Counselors are getting off of psychiatric drugs;
  • how Liberation and Regional Reference Persons plan to move “mental health” liberation forward in their constituencies;
  • and much more!

$4.00, plus postage and handling

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