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Queen of Life
(My idea here was a complete change of perspective that might illuminate a different understanding of the world—one that is not human-centric but pollinator-centric.)

I am the keeper of my tribe the sweetest children of the vibe of humming life that fills this hive

They dance and share and nurture me, mother of their community

And then they fly into the light into the fields of luscious seasoncaressing flowers on their flight they lick and kiss with bee-like teasing tickle each blossom’s treasure-finds with richly pollen-laden hinds

They bathe in rocking light-filled bells in spectral luminosity these silken-velvet nectar wells are just the place for bees to be

The flowers’ laughter, when so praised by my children’s gentle pleasing, lured by the blossoms’ mating season, releases themsweet-golden-faced and pollen-power-powder-gracedback into summer spirit’s breathing

Delighted play of nectar-diving begets a world of nature-thriving

Gudrun Onkels

Seattle, Washington, USA

(Present Time 189, October 2017)

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