Together We Can End War

A Healing from War Workshop was held in Lagos, Nigeria, in May 2017. It was led by Julian Weissglass [the International Commonality Reference Person for Wide World Change] and organized by Onii Stevenson. I was the leader for language liberation.

Julian said that war is the most irrational thing human beings do and that healing from war is not an easy journey. He said that his goal is to end war and that human beings can do this. And he said that as RCers we have a crucial role to play. We can discharge and free ourselves from whatever burdens war might have placed on us. Ending war is an enormous task, but together we can do it.

I loved when we expressed ourselves in our mother tongues [languages], with interpretation. I had fun coordinating this aspect of the workshop. It was good to hear other languages apart from English, and it confirmed that we communicate better in our native languages.

We have been silent about our pain. We experienced war and weren’t allowed to discharge. I like the idea that we cannot change history but we can discharge about it. It is important to get a lot of people discharging. As we do this, our lives will get better.

The world’s annual expenditure for war is about 1.7 trillion U.S. dollars, and this does not include the damage done to human beings, property, and the environment. That amount of money could provide clean energy, good health care, more schools, and so on. We could make this happen in our lifetime.

Bamana-Yangou Urbain Romaric

Accra, Ghana, West Africa

(Present Time 189, October 2017)

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