Furious Thunder

I awoke from the sound of a furious thunder and all these feelings came pouring in.

It hit me—BOOM! Like chemical combustion it lit my dark, quiet room.

Not with light, rather, with conscience and keen perception. Too keen, in fact, I wanted to keep sleeping.

So I started to write this poem in my head. And wouldn’t you know just three hours later sleep, indeed, had taken me back to bed!

I was so grateful . . .

Now here I am in present time but with a rested body and a rested soul. Still, feelings to remind me of all the miles to go.

But I thank you, furious thunder, for coming out to play. I know with the decibel of your boom you had important things to say. Like, “Get up and fix this Earth or I will keep waking you this way!”

And I hear you, thunder, I hear you loud and clear. So with this rest I will remember the Earth I will work through my fear.

For I don’t want your rains to flood me . . .I don’t want your fresh water gone. And please feel free to wake me again until all the work is done.

Lori Leifer

New York, New York, USA

(Present Time 189, October 2017)

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