Older And Bolder No. 7

In this latest issue of Older and Bolder, Pam Geyer, the International Liberation Reference Person for Elders, sets the tone for elders’ liberation work with “It’s a New Day for Elders.” And the rest of the journal supports the truth of that.

More than seventy-five elders share their experiences of and perspectives on being older—what is difficult, yes, but more important what is excellent and how being an elder offers unique, even breathtaking, opportunities.

Pam Geyer’s articles highlight four key activities for moving elders’ liberation forward: promoting health, discharging fears of decline and death, ending elders’ oppression, and enlisting allies.

According to an article by Tim Jackins, one of the most challenging aspects of being older—discouragement—is not even real. Along with having had time to accumulate wisdom, perspectives, and freedom from many distresses, we elders have also had time to accumulate feelings of discouragement. But we can discharge discouragement completely. And as we do, all of our strengths will be available to enhance our individual survival and that of the world around us.

Several years ago Harvey Jackins wrote about elders, “We should lead everything.” You will likely draw the same conclusion as you read Older and Bolder No. 7.

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