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Appreciating Present Time

Thanks a lot for the information about accessing the April 2017 digital PRESENT TIME. A great innovation indeed.

Pamela Ezinwa Ukaku
Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria

I have people in my class who are enthusiastic about the RC literature. One of them “WhatsApped” me (sent to me via a free messaging application) a photo of a short piece in PRESENT TIME, whooping about how great it was.

Amanda Harrington
Quorn, Leicestershire, England


PRESENT TIME is probably the most intelligent publication that anyone can receive, and the four days of the year that I am most excited to get the mail are the days when I receive PRESENT TIME!

Dan Iacovella
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA


Thanks for PRESENT TIME. There are always some articles that make an immediate difference to me, nudging my perspective in a more powerful direction. But what I am most enjoying is the conversation I imagine between these current articles and the reprinted extracts from Harvey Jackins. He saw what was happening in the world and to the economic system long before most people. For instance, he writes that integrity and courage are no longer encouraged in society—compared with escapism and being “cool.” As happens often, a trend he commented on in the 1980s or ‘90s has become much stronger in the years since his death. Thank you for keeping him side-by-side with us.

Caroline New
Redcliffe, Bristol, England

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