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When the Pattern of Oppression Is Restimulated

The installed pattern of oppression leads to one or both of two results when the distress pattern is restimulated.

The first result is for the person to be forced again into the role filled in the original hurt experience. In this case the person is pushed to agree to be oppressed—to accept the invalidating feeling, to be defeated in the attempt to remain human. The slave agrees to be a slave. The serf picks up his hoe and bows his head. The wageworker feels inferior and “lucky to have a job.”

The second result of this restimulation occurs when, in an attempt to escape the role described in the first result above, the victim of restimulation seeks relief by trying to occupy a so-called “different” role in the distress recording—the role of the oppressor.

Harvey Jackins

From page 47 of Rough Notes from Liberation I and II

(Present Time 188, July 2017)

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