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Jews and Disability
David Ruebain &
Cherie Brown
June 4

Creating the Conditions
to Cause a Big Change
Tim Jackins
June 18

Conditioned to Oppress Each Other

One of the principal means used by capitalist societies to maintain their exploitation and oppression of people has been to secure the cooperation of different groups of people in oppressing each other. (Here I think we come to one of the hot issues before us.) This has been done by installing and maintaining attitudes of racism, prejudice, sexism, and the oppression of young people between the different sections of the oppressed population. Under capitalism (and to some extent under previous oppressive societies), the oppressed have to oppress each other. The oppressors aren’t numerous enough, aren’t powerful enough. They have to deceive the people they victimize into doing it to each other.

Harvey Jackins*

From page 46 of Rough Notes from Liberation I and II

(Present Time 188, July 2017)

* Harvey Jackins was the founder and first International Reference Person of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities.

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