We Are Out There with Workers

Hi, I’m Joanie Parker. I’m the International Liberation Reference Person for Union Activists. I get to lead, get to know and work with union members, union activists, and community organizers who work within the labor movement. What a great job.

I’m wondering how many people here are union members. Raise your hands. Okay! I want to know you. My job for the next two minutes is to figure out how to organize the rest of you into a union or into being allies for us.

The fact is that union activists are up against the oppressive system every single day. We’re out there fighting, working for a society of fairness and liberation, and we can end up feeling discouraged, defeated, alone, and enraged about being up against greedy employers all the time. That’s where you come in as allies. We need you to listen to us, to listen to our feelings, so we can discharge and get out there and continue the fight.

If you know any union members, teach them RC. And if you’re already teaching a class that includes union members or union activists, ask them what it’s like. One of the most amazing contradictions (to distress) for us is to talk about our successes, no matter how small.

We are out there with workers who are fighting for a minimum wage of $15. We are out there doing contract negotiations for increases in pay and guaranteed benefits and good working conditions. That’s something we can all take on. And as we say out there, “¡Si se puede! Yes we can!”

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA

(Present Time 185, October 2016)

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