The Under-Thirty-Five Workshop in Japan

In April 2016 I attended the Under-Thirty-Five Workshop in Japan. With the support of the Japanese RC Community and the leadership of Emily Bloch (the International Liberation Reference Person for Young Adults), we had a great weekend. One of my highlights was being there with another Kenyan RCer, Rosenell Nyakinyua.

We discharged on young adult oppression and how it is organized. Having control over our own resources would be a problem for capitalism. Also, the oppression has to be harsh so that we are not hopeful. We worked on how lack of human connection makes us prioritize material possessions over human relationships and on how to decide, act, and discharge.

I went home with wonderful memories of the beautiful gardens at the workshop venue and with hope about building relationships around the world. 

Janet Kabue

Nairobi, Kenya

(Present Time 185, October 2016)

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