They Will Get Curious about RC

A women’s support group leader can say at each meeting, “Who would you like to invite to the next meeting? No, she doesn’t have to be in RC; she doesn’t have to know anything about RC. She just has to be someone you think would enjoy being listened to for a whole turn without being interrupted.”

When this is done, any worries of the leader about “How will I teach her to discharge if she hasn’t gone to a fundamentals class first?” turn out to be ridiculous. If people are listened to for their turn, without being interrupted, for one or two meetings, then at the third meeting somebody starts to cry. If the leader keeps other people from making her stop, at the next meeting two other people will have noticed that it’s possible to cry in the group, and three people will cry. They will get curious about RC, particularly if there is literature there at the support group meeting that they can buy, and they will ask if there is a class that they can attend. You will never have to go around pleading with people to come to your class.

Harvey Jackins

From A Better World, page 19

(Present Time 185, October 2016)

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