Interrupting Anti-Black Racism

I have been discharging rage about anti-Black racism and noticing more directly how Asians get set up in the middle-agent role.

I am interrupting anti-Black racism in my daily life, which brings up terror (it feels like I am going to be killed). It also restimulates people’s feelings of being bad and wrong and triggers their defensiveness. The hardest part is remembering I am not alone and that no one is bad (including me!).

I am trying to support my Black partner in interrupting racism and fighting for his mind. I notice that my own rage can be an obstacle in listening to and fully backing him.

I supported a Black theater artist who organized a gathering about police brutality and Black people.

I gave a speech that called out (drew attention to) anti-Black racism in a theater production. This made a huge difference to three African-heritage females that I am building relationships with.

At a recent arts and social justice retreat, I led a non-Black People of the Global Majority table. We got a chance to share where our constituencies get pitted against Black people.

I am going to join a wide-world Hindu network that supports liberation for all people.

I want to keep discharging on early isolation, so I can do more of everything in collectivity with people who can think well and reach for each other.

Anu Yadav

Washington, D.C., USA

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders of South, Central, and West Asian-heritage people

(Present Time 185, October 2016)

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