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I Am Either Thinking or Restimulated

At a gather-in and fundraiser for Sustaining All Life,1 Lisa Rasmussen2 talked about how we can all lead, in small ways and large. One thing she said in particular stuck with me:

I am doing either one of two things all the time: I am either thinking or I am restimulated! THAT’S ALL!

The simplicity and truth of this idea takes my attention off thinking that I have to pay attention to some distressed details in my life. I can decide to think and lead, and support others to lead.

Victoria Kemp

Thornbury, Victoria, Australia

Reprinted from the newsletter of the Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, RC Community

(Present Time 184, July 2016)

6 Sustaining All Life is a project of the RC Communities in which Co-Counselors bring what we’ve learned in RC to people working, or wanting to work, to stop climate change and the degradation of the environment.
7 Lisa Rasmussen is an RC leader in Northcote, Victoria, Australia.

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