Women’s Issues Where I Live

The following are contemporary women’s issues where I live:

Corporations. They are more concerned with profit than with maintaining a world that can support human life

Safe water for humans and all life. Fracking and pipelines are degrading the environment. Indigenous women are leading the movements against them on the North American continent.

Sex trafficking of Native women and children out of the Duluth International Port (in northern Minnesota, USA). This has been going on for decades. Women and children, some documented as babies, are taken from Canada and nearby U.S. reservations and sold to men on ships traveling international waters. Most are never seen again.

Sex trafficking of Native women and children in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota, USA. Women from U.S. reservations are always in danger. There is no law. It is open “wild West” time out there. (“Wild West” time refers to a period in history when there was no law in what is now the western United States; men with guns ruled in whatever way they wanted.) I have been told that it is not safe for women to travel by car across the state of North Dakota. And young men and children are also constantly threatened. The oil fields are closest to the reservations; however, trafficked humans also come from Canada and from large cities in the United States.

More than 1,800 murdered or missing Native women from across Canada. The new prime minister has promised to look into this—something that was not done by the previous prime minister.

Problematic birth control options for women. Mood-altering birth-control medications introduce hormones not only into the human body but also into the world’s water, thus affecting all humans and animals.

People having more children than the world can realistically sustain long-term. This is never given much room for discussion.

Marcie Rendon

International Liberation Reference Person for Native Americans

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

(Present Time 184, July 2016)

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