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Black Re-emergence No. 12

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The new issue of Black Re-emergence (Black Re-emergence No. 12) celebrates thirty years of Black Liberation and Community Development (BLCD) Workshops. It shows well the progress in Black liberation resulting from BLCD and from other inspiring work done by Black Co-Counselors.

Thirty-three people share what BLCD has meant to them. Others share how they are taking leadership, overcoming internalized racism, and uniting to end racism. Several articles report on taking Black liberation to other constituencies, such as raised-poor people, large women, “mental health” system survivors, and middle-class people. Altogether, there is writing from fifty-seven people.

A report on the Black Gentiles and Jews Workshop is reprinted below. It is an example of the precise thinking and courageous initiatives you will find throughout the journal. Don’t delay in ordering Black Re-emergence No. 12!

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(Present Time 184, July 2016)

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