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Remarkable Flexibility

We belong to a remarkably flexible organization. Our plans had to be totally reworked in the wake of the devastating attacks in Paris that occurred only a few days before we were scheduled to arrive. For example, we had planned that our first action would be joining with hundreds of thousands of people marching through Paris. Then the government banned the march.

In Paris when we met an activist who was interested in RC or our perspectives on care of the environment, we could direct her or him to a relevant group meeting soon and not far away. Several times I could say that we had a relevant event happening right at that moment, offer to walk the person over to it, and introduce her or him to a leader there. This demanded exceptional flexibility from the leaders, since people would keep arriving throughout the event. Also, since the spaces were public, anyone could come or go anytime.

I think because of our discharge work, our group could handle the many challenges that reality placed before us with a lot of creativity and grace. For me, wielding this human power together was among the most hopeful aspects of our Sustaining All Life project.

Glen Hauer

Berkeley, California, USA

(Present Time 183, April 2016)

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