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Price Increase for Present Time

Dear RCers,

Our costs for producing RC publications continue to rise. We have always subsidized these publications, but the costs have become more than we can handle without increasing what we ask from you.

Thus, starting now, the price of Present Time is $5 per issue ($7.50 outside the United States), including postage, and the new subscriptions rates are based on that.

Present Time is an important means of sharing RC theory, practice, information, and perspective, and it takes a great deal of thought, and especially work, to produce it. We will continue to subsidize its production, so it is more easily available, but we do need you to help a little more.

Many of us prize Present Time highly; it is a great benefit to our lives. I hope you are already one of us, but if not, please consider this an invitation to join us.

The price increase will not affect existing subscriptions—only new ones received from this date forward.

Many thanks.

With love and appreciation,
Tim Jackins

NEW PRICES (a 25% increase):

Single issue
USA: $5   Washington State: $5   Outside USA: $7.50

One year subscription:
USA: $20   Washington State: $22   Outside USA: $30

Two-year subscription:
USA: $40   Washington State $44   Outside USA: $60

Five-year subscription:
USA: $105   Washington State: $115   Outside USA: $155


(Present Time 183, April 2016)

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