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Creating the Conditions
to Cause a Big Change

Tim Jackins
June 18


Each One in Charge

Our Communities certainly have a role to play in the future. In talking about our Communities and what will happen, I urge that we not think of ourselves as a group but as a set of individuals who can think for ourselves as individuals. I propose that each one of us think of himself or herself as the seed that is going to grow into the plant that will seed the rest of the world.

There’s a little weakness in thinking of ourselves as a “group.” We have certain strengths as a group. We have certain advantages. We will explore in our discussions how to use our relationships in the RC Communities to the best advantage. But there tends to be a hangover from the oppressive use of groups in the oppressive society that can lead to a kind of helpless huddling if we think “group.”

If we start thinking, “We are going to do this,” the next step is often to think, “I will do this, if you will do this first,” or “She didn’t do that; I don’t see why she should expect me to do it.” And other various disheartening notions tend to creep in from the patterns. So I would urge you to think of yourself as “I” rather than part of a “we.”

This flies in the face of* many progressives’ notions, because progressives and even revolutionaries have in the past tried to gain enough confidence for themselves by thinking, “We, we, we, we, we.” Otherwise it seemed too frightening.

This will possibly feel like a frightening idea, but I would like to place each one of you in full individual charge of this universe of ours (and I give you power to do this to other people, to pass it on).

Harvey Jackins

From The Longer View, pages 237 to 238

(Present Time 183, April 2016)

* “Flies in the face of” means goes against.

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