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Nigerian RC Is Growing

Re-evaluation Counseling started in Nigeria in the year 2002. Circumstances prevented its quick growth, and now only a handful of pioneer Nigerian RCers are still leading RC Communities or teaching RC. For some Nigerians, pursuing a means of livelihood is a constant issue. It entails relocating to different cities and areas and could be responsible for the non-steady rise of RC in the country.

I was unable to be in a particular location for a long time. When I first learned RC in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, I was living in Ajegunle-Apapa, Lagos. I established a foundational Community in Ajegunle and have heard recently that one of the persons I taught there is today a frontliner in1 Nigerian RC. How heartwarming!

A look in the back pages of the Present Time of October 2015 shows that Nigeria has eight listings under “Organised Areas” and ten under “Teachers in Developing Communities.” This is contrary to a few years back when Nigeria appeared under “Teachers Outside Organised Areas” only. That’s commendable.

Kudos2 to Chioma Okonkwo3 for her resilience and follow-up. Her efforts are beginning to pay off.4 I’d say we are experiencing a paradigm shift. Communities are gradually but steadily growing and becoming more and more organised. No doubt we are on the way to having more slots in the “Organised Area” status. This year there is rejuvenation in the RC Community, caused by a certain reawakening in us.

Marshall Ifeanyi

Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria

(Present Time 183, April 2016)

1 “A frontliner in” means in the forefront of.
 “Kudos” means praise, congratulations.
3 Chioma Okonkwo is the Area Reference Person for Lagos, Nigeria.
4 “Pay off” means yield results.

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