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Leadership is necessary. Leadership is an inherent human characteristic. Leadership is natural to us as humans. As we re-emerge, all of us will come to play the role of leading.

Such leadership does not necessarily have to be well publicized or proclaimed. It is possible and sometimes desirable to “lead without being noticed” or to “lead from behind.” The central function of leadership, however, which is to organize other intelligences to act jointly with one’s own for common goals, needs to be released to function for every individual.

This can be partly accomplished by providing challenges, high expectations, and enthusiastic “loaning” of confidence and “cheerleading” for the person whose leadership has been inhibited. It can also require uncovering the distresses that were laid in when leadership was frustrated, denied, defeated, or even punished. Supplied with contradictions, these distresses will discharge, and the person will tend spontaneously to move into effective leadership.

In wide-world activity, rational leadership itself will be a contradiction to the widespread hopelessness that has been installed on humankind about the history and future of our species.

Harvey Jackins

From The List, page 131

(Present Time 183, April 2016)

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