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Jews and Disability
David Ruebain &
Cherie Brown
June 4

Creating the Conditions
to Cause a Big Change
Tim Jackins
June 18

Wide World Change

I’m Julian Weissglass, the International Commonality Reference Person for Wide World Change. “Wide world change” is a term Harvey Jackins invented for talking about using RC to transform society into something rational, that’s good for all people. All of us are in my constituency, because as young people we knew what was wrong with the world and we wanted to change it. And that got squashed—at different times for all of us, but it got squashed pretty (quite) hard.

In recent years, I’ve been focusing on four of the main challenges facing humanity:

The first is the survival of the human species. It would be a terrible tragedy if we made ourselves extinct. We have a lot of work to do there. I recently proposed on the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders of wide world change that within two years, fifty percent of our workshops be devoted to ending the destruction of the environment.

Meeting this first challenge will require acting on the second one, which is ending the capitalist society. There is no way that a society based on profit can stop carbon emissions and the destruction of the environment. We have to end the for-profit society.

The third challenge is ending war. War destroys both people and the environment. But the main reason, in RC terminology, why we need to end war is that it installs discouragement recordings on young people about the possibility of changing society. We become hopeless once we learn about war. People actually organize to kill each other? Wow.

And the fourth main challenge I see is USer liberation. We USers have to liberate ourselves from the distress recordings installed on us that make us collude with U.S. imperialism and the domination of the entire world.

Santa Barbara, California, USA

(Present Time 183, April 2016)

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