Ode to the ending of oppression by a white Protestant woman (a sonnet)

A girl was born, a beauty, she is mine!
Into a world of wonders, hurts and all.
This precious babe was held in lonely thrall
While fighting to be close—her heart did pine!

So many folks she wanted something fierce
Parents, sisters, fellow humans, yes—all:
in her room for hours with just the walls. 
Disappointments—defenses built—and fears.

But now! Oh now, the tone is all ashift
We have arrived, oh little one, we’re here.
As in close-held dreams—your broken heart, we’ll lift
Always closer at your pace—melting fear
Together we can treat you as the gift
You are—your love for others now rings clear.

Sarah Harre

Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

(Present Time 182, January 2016)

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